Brokers and Realtors

Misconceptions about the law abound, and often lead to unnecessary conflict between agents, and sometimes cause a complete breakdown in negotiations. Ciolino & Onstott can help you and your team avoid conflict, or resolve issues that may come up before you lose a sale or end up in court. If you would like to prevent or discuss your real-estate legal issues, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Workers

Construction projects frequently involve complicated contractual relationships between property owners, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, banks, and others. Ciolino & Onstott can provide competent, dependable legal counsel on these matters to prevent disputes by developing reliable contracts and project policies, or to optimize dispute outcomes by providing an objective evaluation of the risks and possible results for your business. Whether you are pursuing unpaid bills, or holding another contractor accountable for faulty work, Ciolino & Onstott is experienced and prepared to represent you. If you would like to discuss a contracting issue, or prevent one before it arises, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Property Owners

Purchasing and developing real estate, whether as your primary home or as an investment, can be both financially and personally rewarding; however, it can also be legally complex and contentious. Before you begin to purchase or develop property, it is important to evaluate your risks and take steps to mitigate them where possible. Arguably, the greatest risk in any transaction or project is a legal dispute. Ciolino & Onstott can assist you in identifying these risks by reviewing, revising, drafting, and educating you on the various legal forms and documents necessary to complete your project, and help develop a plan to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Our primary goal is always to avoid costly litigation; however we do not back down from a fight, and will vehemently represent your rights in court when it is necessary. If you are considering a new real estate investment, or are involved in a real estate or construction-related dispute, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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